ELS Print Media Sustainability Design Standard

The new instrument for measuring and assessing
the environmental impact of Print Media


Eco Label System (ELS) Print Media safeguards and promotes the justification of sustainable printed media. ELS is an independent foundation controlled by an advisory board containing various experts to ensure quality of the system.


Eco Label System (ELS) Print Media is the ‘Sustainability Design Standard’ (SDS) to indicate the environmental impact of printed media in classifications A to E.


The ELS Print Media standard assesses the environmental performance of both raw materials and production processes. Every product has a specific ‘Environmental Data Sheet’ (EDS) which is available in ELS Paper Suite. Certified companies have access to this database. Thereby companies are able to make informed and transparent recommendation that meets the sustainable requirement of clients.


Until now the sustainability of print media was difficult to measure and compare. The market has a strong need for validated and transparent environmental product information. Environmental responsible printed media deserve a reliable label. Just as consumers deserve to know what they are buying into. This assists in making educated choices to sustain our planet. Furthermore ELS sends a clear, recognizable and positive message to employees, shareholders, investors, clients and customers.


ELS Print Media is for all companies, governments and institutions, but especially for organizations that want to reduce the environmental impact of their business and strive for sustainable growth.


By entering the ELS ID Track & Trace number mentioned on the printed matter in this application form, the certificate for this product can be retrieved.